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Customer Service Insights: Q and A Entity Solutions style


At Entity Solutions, we believe that “Customer is King” and in the importance of listening to customer feedback in order to refine our offering. With that in mind, our CEO, Neil Merola, thought it would be a great idea to put together a panel of our customers to ask them what they really think of the customer service we provide.

Three of our loyal customer organisations were invited for a special customer panel event, designed to humanise our customers and connect a face to the broader Entity Solutions business.  It was a transparent session with honest feedback encouraged and welcomed, as well as an opportunity for our non-customer facing staff to see how the work they deliver contributes to the ultimate outcome for our customers.

Our Customer Panel included:

  • Avanade: Guhan Bala
  • REA Group: Josh Grace-Ware
  • Tier1 Procurement: Stephen P Jamieson

Moderated by Neil, we asked customers why they chose to engage us, how we solved business challenges for them and which aspects of our service needed improvement.

Q: What does Customer is King mean to our customers?

In order to truly understand our customers’ needs, it is essential to ensure we have the same definition of exceptional customer service. We asked this all important question to all three panel members – “What does ‘Customer is King’ mean to you?” and their responses were fascinating. Here are some insights we gained from the panel’s feedback:

Insight #1 – Match your solution to the customer

EA Group’s Josh spoke about the importance of organisations tailoring bespoke solutions to match the customer’s needs and not trying to make the customer’s requirements fit into their own rigid offering. In order to ensure their needs are understood, he believes that organisations should spend time talking to the customer and add value to the conversation by providing expert opinion about how things could be done better.

Insight #2 – Take ownership and find a resolution

Josh also spoke about the significance of values alignment as a factor in differentiating one vendor from another. Entity Solutions stacks up on values, including our ability to take ownership of a failure and quickly work towards the resolution, as opposed to remaining focused on the problem.

Josh said, “Talk to us about what can be done to fix the issue, not how we can try to fix it. Keep in mind the people it will truly impact. Reimagine the process to make it slicker, faster, quicker, better.”

Insight #3 – Customers look for benefits they can’t get elsewhere

Guhan had a different take on what Customer is King means to him. “I view it in terms of concentric circles – inner circle is the core mechanics and the expected aspect of the service. The next outer circle is about meeting business requirements in terms of resources and flexibility. And then the final outer circle is the partnership element.”  Guhan was interested in the market perspectives Entity Solutions can bring to the table to benefit our customers who don’t have experience in the areas we do.

Insight #4 – Trust is key

Stephen’s perspective was that trust has proven to be a vital element, giving customers assurance that we will always deliver on promises. “We have had a long journey with Entity Solutions and the relationship has evolved along the way.  I love the value add that I get. It’s the little extras, such as migration assistance where necessary. I like that we have a b relationship with integrity and trust between the two parties.”

  1. What makes a good customer interaction?

A: The panel agreed that a good customer experience means a seamless experience. Value is added by anticipating problems in order to avoid them.

Insight #5  – Empathise with the customer

All panel members believed that the key to a good customer interaction is empathy, Guhan explained “empathy… to be able to step into the customer’s shoes. If things go off the rails for us, there is a downstream impact to our customers. It’s the ownership taken at the beginning of the process and the ownership taken when things go wrong.”

Insight #6 – Responsiveness

Josh from REA Group said that responsiveness when an issue arises is the key to a good customer interaction and he appreciates the confidence that Entity Solutions instils that the problem will be resolved swiftly.

In summary

All organisations need to ensure that their customers’ experiences with their service are as smooth as possible. By listening to the feedback directly from our customers, we have learned a great deal about aspects of our service that customers appreciate and how we can add even more value to their organisations and, ultimately, the partnership.

We’d like to thank Guhan, Josh and Stephen for being so generous with their time and participating in this event, which will assist Entity Solutions greatly in our quest for superior service to all customers and IPros.

To find out how we can add value for your organisation, click on this link to view our fact sheet.

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